Ski Mountaineering Expedition in Muztagh Ata, China
Peak Elevation: 24,757′ (7,546 m)
Sponsors: GoPro, Marmot, Pro Bar, Hanger, Garman, Mountain House, Icebreaker, Kiehl’s, Goal Zero, Camelbak, Manfrotto
Footage: Aron Ralston, Bryan Long, Michael Ash
Music: Turkic Uyghur Folk Music, Sigur Ros

Grand Canyon Expedition Canyoneering
Canyons: 150 Mile, Matkatamiba, Panameta and Olo Canyons
Sponsors: Hanger, Pro Bar, Go Pro, Keihl’s, IceBreaker
Videography: Aron Ralston and Martin Glaubitz
Music: “Dark Fog” and “Deep Haze” by Kevin MacLeod
Camera: Go Pro Hero 3

During July, 2012 Aron Ralston was fortunate enough to climb the rarely visited north slopes of Mount Elbrus. Tom O’Brien and Bryan Long photographed, shot video, and recorded time-lapses of the climb as well as Aron’s ski descent from 18,530′.

Video: Bryan Long & Tom O’Brien
Skier: Aron Ralston
Band: Moby (courtesy of
Song: Mistake (Davide Rossi re-work)

Aron Ralston is shown in this nerve-racking flip on Warm Springs Rapid on the Yampa River. This was the only mishap that occurred on his 4-day rafting trip.

Rower: Aron Ralston
Video: Bryan Long
Music: Kevin MacLeod