Flying Free

In a wingsuit-flying accident that’s left the adventure community reeling for the past several weeks, world-record-setting climber, highliner, and wingsuit BASE jumper Dean Potter and his flying partner Graham Hunt died from impact on May 16th after launching from Taft Point in Yosemite National Park. I met Dean – already in his prime as a […]

Ecuador Exploration

Even with my meager Spanish comprehension, I understood we had just run into a major issue.   “La montaña está cerrado para el esquí,” explained the stern-faced guard. “Hubo un accidente en diciembre.  Si tratas de entrar en el parque con sus esquís , vamos a confiscar.”   Despite our aspirations, this uniformed administrator at […]

Ecuador Trip

Next month, Aron Ralston will join a team of his friends in Ecuador for some high adventure. Over the course of 10 days, Aron and his 5 companions will attempt to climb and ski the two highest peaks in Ecuador. After warming up on Rucu Pichincha and Pasochoa, near the capital city Quito, and further […]

Grand Canyoneering: Aron Ralston

In March this year, I joined a highly-experienced team of friends for some expedition canyoneering in the heart of the Grand Canyon. Our guru/trip leader, Steve Ramras, recruited the team, gathered the beta, and planned the week-long itinerary. With ideal weather and canyon conditions, we descended 150 Mile Canyon to Upset Rapid, leaving behind parachute […]